NESBITT REGISTRATION / Inscription à Nesbitt

18 Jan

NESBITT REGISTRATION / Inscription à Nesbitt
FEBRUARY 6 -10, 2012

Come visit Nesbitt Elementary School and register your child for the 2012-2013 school year.

Choose your program – English Core or French Immersion and see your child blossom in a wonderful environment.

See what Nesbitt has to offer!

NESBITT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 6108 – 8th avenue, Rosemount . . .

(514) 721-2850


Du 6 au 10 février 2012

Venez visiter l’École primaire Nesbitt et inscrivez votre enfant pour l’année scolaire 2012-13.

Choississez le programme d’enseignement: Anglais ou d’Immersion française. Offrez à votre enfant un environnement de qualité.

Venez voir ce que Nesbitt a à offrir.

École primaire Nesbitt , 6108 – 8ième avenue, Rosemont

(514) 721-2850

Media Coverage of the aftermath of school closures

13 Jan

Students ‘devastated’ after EMSB closes three schools
The EMSB decided to close St. John Bosco in Ville Emard, Fraser Academy in St. Laurent and St. Brendan in Rosemont at the end of the school year. Carlyle School in the Town of Mount Royal, Nesbitt Elementary School in Rosemont and James Lyng High More Here

Global Evening news January 12

Hearts are hurting and communities in shock after they heard their schools will be closed.  Some Question the legality of such decisions and are exploring legal options… More Here


Nesbitt Will Stay Open…

12 Jan

“January 11, 2011, EMSB Commissioners voted unanimously to take Nesbitt School OFF the list of closures for 2012.

Along with a group of other parents, Julie has been fighting for the last nine months to keep her daughters school open. The struggle has been epic. We did interviews for TV, radio, newspapers and magazine, in English and in French. We maintained a blog and a FB page, we lobbied commissioners. We convinced politicians of all stripes and all levels to support us.  And much more.

It’s been a long, hard, battle, especially we never knew what our school was doing on the chopping block in the first place….” Read More here

January 11-12 newsreel

12 Jan

Montreal Gazette
Earlier in the evening, the cheers from Nesbitt School parents grew as every commissioner voted “yes” to keep it open. The elementary school in Rosemont … More here
Montreal Gazette
Commissioners at the English Montreal School Board have voted unanimously to keep James Lyng High School and Nesbitt School open. …More here
CBC.caParents and students walked out of a highly-charged EMSB meeting Wednesday Nesbitt School and James Lyng High School – originally on the chopping block … More here


Nesbitt’s message was finally heard! We cannot be closed.

12 Jan

As Steve Mitchel commented, it’s official: Nesbitt shall not be closed. The unanimous vote left no doubt: we are out of the troubled waters the Council of commissioners threw us in for no reason.
This experience has galvanised our community and strengthened our resolve to never see this happen again.  It is one thing when a school does fit a set of rational, pragmatic criteria for closure, it’s an entirely different situation when a school should never have been on that list in the first place. We lived this “consultation process” as violence brought onto us for no fault of our own.  We felt bullied and unfairly treated.
Although we are elated that Nesbitt is off the hook, we can’t help but feel wary. If such a good school can be threatened with closure, with so much effort spent by the Council of commissioners to justify the unjustifiable, who’s to say we are safe for good from this injustice.  Shouldn’t our merit stand on its own? Shouldn’t value, numbers and academic excellence be self-evident? Although we are safe, we still wonder how could they do this to us? In a democratic society, how can such an aberration take place? What else can we do, besides being good at what we do as a school and a community to prove our worth?
So many questions make it impossible for our joy to be complete.  Like a battered person, we are glad the abuse is over, but we cannot help but feel wary.  Trust in institutions is the linchpin of democracy, and our trust was shattered.
We are celebrating our victory but the road ahead is not as smooth as we would like it to be.
We would like to thank each and everyone who lent us a helping hand during this ordeal.  Everyone who signed the petition, everyone who came to those godawful council meetings, everyone who commented on this blog, everyone who kept us in their thoughts, every man woman and child who refused to stand by and let this go unchallenged. we say THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! without you we would be dead.
Nesbitt is open for business and we welcome every parent and child seeking the best an elementary school has to offer. Come join our family. Even though it was tough to prove,  we are one of the best elementary schools out there.

What doesn’t “close” you, makes you stronger!

11 Jan

January 11, 2011, EMSB Commissioners voted unanimously to take Nesbitt School OFF the list of closures for 2012.

Nesbitt parents are thrilled.

But we’re also wary. Nesbitt was placed on the list for closure despite our high numbers, central location, popular French immersion program and ideal facilities. The EMSB never explained what Nesbitt was doing on the list in the first place.

Being thrown into the EMSB’s so-called “public consultation process” has taught Nesbitt parents there’s still a lot to do to make sure the EMSB is accountable to parents, and acts in the interests of children.

While saving our school, Nesbitt parents cast doubt on the validity of the EMSB’S entire approach to school closures. Nesbitt parents will continue the fight for accountability.

We feel like we’ve started a larger cause. The Nesbitt Movement will carry on.

Nesbitt Action Committee

Reminder – Rappel : Special board meeting

11 Jan

Special board meeting –

Today Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.


Rosemount High School,

3737 Beaubien street east, Montreal


Réunion Extraordinaire de la Commission –

Aujourd’hui mercredi le 11 janvier 2012 à 18 h 30

École Secondaire Rosemont
3737 est rue Beaubien, Montréal


The fate of schools in the EMSB system: GlobalTV coverage

10 Jan


Latest news clips: EMSB Administration makes its findings known in a rare public announcement

10 Jan
The EMSB held a series of public hearings in December to discuss planned school closures It said Nesbitt School, St. Gabriel and James Lyng High School, …more here
Montreal Gazette
In a surprise move on Monday, the EMSB announced that its long-range planning committee now suggests should remain open are Nesbitt in Rosemont, more here
Other schools they recommend preserved are James Lyng, Nesbitt and Carlyle. The EMSB says it took into consideration the sentiment expressed at public more here

Radio Canada

Le nombre d’écoles menacées de fermeture à la Commission scolaire English-Montreal pourrait être moins important que prévu, rapporte le quotidien montréalais The Gazette. Trois écoles fermeraient plutôt que sept, selon le scénario envisagé au printemps dernier.. . La suite ici

Le devoir:

En danger de fermeture, certaines écoles de la Commission scolaire English Montreal (CSEM) pourraient connaître un sursis. C’est du moins ce que suggère le rapport du Comité de planification à long terme, qui recommande de garder intactes plus de la moitié des 12 écoles qui étaient menacées de fusion, de déménagement ou de fermeture, dont l’école Nesbitt, située dans le quartier Rosemont… La suite Ici

CyberPresse :

Tout indique que l’école Nesbitt, école au coeur du quartier Rosemont qui a célébré son 100e anniversaire en 2011, sera épargnée.

La direction de la commission scolaire a plutôt choisi de recommander la fermeture de l’école St. Brendan, toujours dans le quartier Rosemont. Les élèves seront transférés à Nesbitt… La suite ici

Le Journal de Rosemont:

Selon ce qu’a appris le comité Sauvons Nesbitt, l’école primaire rosemontoise serait épargnée. Dans un rapport, les administrateurs de la commission scolaire English-Montreal recommendent de fusionner l’école St. John Bosco à l’école St. Gabriel; de fermer l’école St. Brendan et de transférer ses élèves à l’école Nesbitt; de fermer l’Académie Fraser et de transférer sa clientèle à l’Académie John Caboto ainsi que de conserver les écoles Carlyle et Royal Vale.

Toutefois, les commissaires scolaires ne sont pas tenus de suivre les recommandations de leur conseil d’administration. La suite Ici



The EMSB administration releases its recommendations for school closures

9 Jan

This Public release of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is a total first.  Kudos to the EMSB Administration on this important step towards achieving transparency in its processes.  The ball is now in the Council of Commissioners to continue acting for the best interest of our children and base their vote solely on the merits and viability of each school.

EMSB recommends closing half as many schools as planned

9 Jan

CBC News reports that the EMSB decides to close only half of the schools that were up for consultation. read it here. We are cautiously thrilled at this news.  We can’t let our guard down because the Commissioners do have a tendency to ignore the Administration’s recommendations and vote their own way.  We will see what happens on Wednesday.

January 11, 6:30 p.m.: The decision!

3 Jan

The decision on the future of Nesbitt and other EMSB Schools will be made at the Next Board Meeting:

Wednesday, January 11, 2011 at 6:30pm – Rosemount High School 3737 Beaubien East

Come show your support for Nesbitt and another 100 years of quality Education in Rosemont.

11 janvier – 18:30 hrs – La décision!

3 Jan

Le mercredi 11 janvier 2012, la commission scolaire anglophone de Montréal (EMSB) rendra sa décision  concernant les fermetures d’écoles.

La grande soirée aura lieu à l’école Rosemount High,  3737 Beaubien, à compter de 18:30 hrs.

2011 in review

31 Dec

2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 22,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

What the EMSB heard from Nesbitt Monday night / Ce que les commissaires ont entendu

7 Dec


The Nesbitt Community Brief parents would like to congratulate Nesbitt’s Governing Board for making two solid, fact-based presentations in defense of Nesbitt Monday night. The facts do speak loud and clear. The EMSB should take Nesbitt as a model for its schools, not close it. The presentation turned Commissioners’ heads.

Then, two hours later, the Nesbitt Community Brief presentation turned Commissioners’ heads again, giving them MORE facts, and showing them the passion that not just parents, but the whole  Rosemont Community has for Nesbitt.

Our guest of honour , Louise Harel, told Commissioners, in English, that she hoped Nesbitt would stay open. “As a Montrealer, I feel very proud of the this school.  It’s a model for everyone among us,” she said.

The Community Brief presentation started with a video wrapping up all Nesbitt’s best qualities. Then we played these videos of  Louise Beaudoin and Alexandre Boulerice, who explain — once again —  why they so strongly support keeping Nesbitt ope

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